Why You Must Protect Your Business Data with an IT Consultant in London

Data is crucial to the running and growth of any business. Keeping this data safe is an absolute necessity, but very often even this is overlooked. The risks to your company’s data are numerous and come in all shapes and sizes. There is a need to be aware of what these are and how you can protect your business from them. An IT consultant in London can assist with covering up any lags in your data policy.

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Potential Risks to Business Data

Your important business data can be put at risk by various kinds of business disasters. Some may be avoidable, while others are completely unavoidable. These business disasters could be natural ones, such as hardware failures, severe weather, or even fires. Man-made disasters are also possible through cyber-attacks and phishing emails, negligence, and human error.

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The consequences of these disasters depend on the type and volume of data affected, as well as the mitigation measures in place. Data security compliance is an important matter, which cannot be brushed aside. When confidential business and client information falls into the wrong hands or the public domain, this can have many undesired effects. Internally, if business data needed for the operations and daily running of the business are lost, this can affect how the business continues to provide products and services. Delays and financial losses are common for large data losses.

Improving Your Data Backup and Recovery Plan

An IT consultant in London can help to set up a data backup and recovery plan for your business or to improve an existing one. The primary focus of the plan must be to prevent data breaches and losses. This includes making sure your data is routinely backed up to a secure and preferably remote location. Cybersecurity measures are also required to limit the chances of a cyber-attack being successful. The second and also key focus of the data security plan must be to facilitate the timely recovery of stored data in the event that a business disaster occurs.

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If your business is ready to upgrade its data backup and recovery plan, Wem Technology has the experience and expertise to assist. Data security is a business priority, so you need an IT partner with the know-how to offer a broad solution. Our range of data backup and cybersecurity solutions can help you with compliance and protecting the integrity of your data and your business. Get in touch with us to work with an IT consultant in London.