Working with a Managed IT Support Provider in London to Fight Cybercrime

Over 75 percent of businesses have reported a phishing attack in recent years, which is why it's smart to work with a managed IT support provider in London. If you surround yourself with a diverse team of technology experts, you will be able to fight cybercrime with confidence. Here are essential reasons for hiring a third-party IT support team for your business:

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Improving Security

A major reason businesses choose to outsource to a managed IT support provider in London is to ensure a more secure network environment. In-house IT teams can be sufficient for large companies that can afford them, whereas many small businesses cannot afford an IT department. The more cost-efficient strategy in the long run for security is to hire a managed service provider (MSP) with access to valuable resources instead of in-house techs who may not be up-to-date with new technology.

The most vulnerable operating systems are those that are no longer supported with security updates. Businesses that continue to use outdated equipment are at risk of being targeted by a hacker who has learned through social media from disgruntled employees about how they have to use old technology at work.

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A top quality IT firm offers security training so that employees know better than to open a suspicious email that may contain malware. Employees need to understand IT policies regarding how to access and use company resources so that confidential information is not leaked. They also need to be taught that simple passwords are easy to crack by hackers so it's important to create complex passwords.

Maintaining Data Protection

The best London IT companies understand that data protection is a top priority for any company since data loss can be a costly disaster. An IT support team can assess your infrastructure and look for vulnerabilities as well as test files and applications. Sometimes, employees accidentally overwrite files; but if the IT team has kept fresh backups, the data can be restored. A quality computer consulting firm hires top certified talent and knows how to manage data carefully.

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Developing a data backup schedule and making sure all critical data is regularly backed up is an essential task for an IT support group. They can also help establish a disaster recovery plan so that your company will be able to act calmly during an emergency. Having backup servers is vital to this plan to avoid downtime.

When you work with an experienced, reputable managed IT support team in London, you can sleep better at night that they will quickly respond to any technical issues you have with your business technology. Contact us now at Wem Technology to know more about our services.